Monday, July 25, 2011

Swim Goggles

What is it with kids and goggles?

Phoebe just started swimming with her face in the water, and so, has to absolutely positively must have goggles on at all times while in the water.

Paige and Josh are happy with their fancy-pants expensive racing goggles, while Miss Independent will only wear one of those high-quality 2 for $1 goggles from the Wal-mart.

She'll wear them for twenty minutes without once putting her face in the water.

She'll wear them while playing in the backyard baby pool. For twenty minutes without putting her face in the water.

Phoebe, honey, I think those goggles are too tight on your face. Come here, please, and let me adjust them some more, (again for the millionth time), for you.

Awww, Moooommmmmm! They're fine! Why on Earth would you think they were too tight?

I always have deep purple gouge marks around my eyes!

Jeez! Stop being to over-protective!