Thursday, July 14, 2011

Western Attire

A few months ago we took the kids to see a local bull riding rodeo. We let them get all dressed up in their best Western-wear.

My kids are very confused about what is Western attire.

Josh- Good: cowboy hat and boots.
Weird: Chinos and a peach polo shirt.

Paige- Good: cowboy boots and Western vest (excuse the pink, please.)
Weird: blue t-shirt and white (???) Bermuda shorts.

Phoebe- Good: clothing of any kind
Weird: clothing of any kind

Despite their funky attire they had a great time at the rodeo. The bulls were big, the cowboys small, and the belts glittery.

Bleacher cowgirls sure do love their glitter and rhinestones! YEE-Haw!