Monday, July 18, 2011

Phoebe's 3rd Birthday

How Phee Came to Be

The story of Phee actually begins with Paige. Well, in a round-a-bout kind of way. After laboring forever, a c-section, and days of stress giving birth to Paige, our smartypants OB nurse in the hospital asked me this question within 3 hours of delivery:

"I bet you won't want to go through this again any time soon?"

My answer shocked me as well Jerry in it's what-the-heck, off-the-cuff, random-response-ness of it:

"Yes. I'm ready right now. It will be a girl and her name will be Phoebe Elena."


Totally out of the blue, I had never thought of the name Phoebe for a child of mine, let alone with an accompanying middle name.

But the name was forever burned into my head.

And then I got pregnant again with #2, and like a girl with the perfect dress but no date to the prom, we had the perfect name with no baby girl to go with it.

Instead we got THE BOY. (He's a WHOLE different story.)

When Jerry and I decided to go for baby #3, I knew, just absolutely KNEW that she was a girl and her name was going to be Phoebe Elena.

Jerry was not convinced. But obviously I won that argument!

There is she! Phoebe Elena! Just waiting her sweet time to make her VBAC appearance!

One minute she wasn't there, the next minute she was. Breathing and screaming and pink and wonderful. She was my middle weight baby at ONLY 9 lbs. 5 oz.

She stole our hearts instantly. She was a great eater, slept through the night from day one, laughed and smiled early, and became the apple of all of our eyes.

Here's Pink Baby. She's still on Phoebe bed or in her arms. (Shh! Don't tell her that she's actually on Pink Baby #3 as #1 was lost on an airplane and #2 was lost ironically at the Toy Story 3 movie.)

She's lived a pretty exciting life so far. She first went swimming in the cool waters of The Bahamas.

And got to go for hip rides on Grandma!

Like her brother and sister, she has bright red hair, though she never was bald like Paige or Josh.

She has striking blue eyes that fade from dark blue to white around the pupil. (Daddy is already cleaning out the shotgun.)

She had, and still does have, the best fat-baby tummy. EVER.

She also has the wildest hair on the planet.

Dad thinks she's a clown. A worthy opponent for his insatiable quest to mess with everyone around.

Aren't tushies just adorable?

She's almost ready for those training wheels to come off. She's eager to keep up with the big kids.

She's been known to break out in spontaneous dance.

She makes every view better.

She's my grown up baby.

She even got her very first hair cut last week. (This photo KILLS me. Doesn't she look so grown up now?)

Happy 3rd birthday my sweet baby crazy girl! You came for me long before I came for you. It was worth the wait.

We love you sooooo much. You are a dufus. A lovely child. A temper-tantrum in waiting. A blessing to us all.

My last baby is 3.

Oh, my.