Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lionfish for Dinner

If there is one type of picture on facebook that is SOOO overdone, it's the one of some dude holding up a big fish for all the world to see.

Granted, I don't have a lot of male friends on facebook, but I'm nosy and often read Jerry's facebook posts over his shoulder.

Don't judge me. You do it, too! (Don't you?)

From my nosy interloping, I can tell you that there are a bunch of men out there highly impressed with their fishing skills. Sometimes rightly so. I've seen some seriously big whoppers out there dangling from a fishing pole posted by one of Jerry's friends.

Jerry himself is not a fisherman. I mean sure, he'll cast a line a few times when he's out at his parents farm, but that isn't fishing, that's cheating. You cast, you catch a fish. You cast, you catch a fish. Over and over. The kids are gonna be in for a surprise if they ever fish anywhere else.

Jerry may not fish with a fishing pole very often, but give the man a spear and a snorkel and watch him go! We ate like kings the last time we were at the Bahamas. Crabs, more crabs, then a few more crabs, all caught by Jerry on the business end of a spear.

He also speared a few of those pesky lionfish that are taking over the Caribbean. Look at the size of those puppies! He should put that on facebook to brag over his huge catch!

Oh. Wait. Let's get another perspective of these grandiose fish. Sorry, honey. You're going to have to post a different big fish photo onto facebook. These are just kinda sad. I'm afraid your big-fish friends will all just laugh at you.

But you're right, you did catch these while you were underwater. You did catch these with a Hawaiian Sling spear. And these fish are highly poisonous and will make you pray for death if you get stung by one.

So go ahead, Mr. Macho Man! Own those tiny fish! You are my fishing hero!