Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Blog Post in the Making

"Hey, honey. Let's go down here and take a look at the Rio Grande a little closer. Too bad they aren't doing the river-rafting trips right now because the water levels are too low. That would have been cool."

"So this is where they put the rafts in for the river tours? Yeah, the water is kind of low. And stinky. I wonder what those people up-river are doing in the water? Never mind. I don't want to know."

"Eww. This mud stinks. I am NOT taking my shoes off. I might get my yoga pants wet. Y'all go ahead."

"We live very close to Mexico but this is much, much closer. I wonder if we can go over there? I haven't seen a sign that says we can't......"

"I know! I have a great idea for a blog post! Hurry kids, go across the river and I'll take your picture over there!"

"Good idea, Jerry, to test the depth and flow of the water. How is it? Sharp rocks under there, huh? Too bad. Maybe you can help the kids get across.

I know you love it when I volunteer you to do something both gross, heavy, and painful.

You're welcome."

"Good work, babe! Only the lightest kid left!"


"Oooh. It looks like that's hurting your feet, Jerry. You OK?"

"From the string of profanities slipping out of your grimaced face I would venture that you are NOT OK."

"Yes. You're right. Let's go before I volunteer you for anything else that might take advantage of your height, strength, and willingness to help a blogger out.

Hey! I wonder what this sign over here says about crossing the river.........

Uh. Oh."