Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friends Forever

The last time and only time Jerry and I were at Big Bend was about 12 years ago when we came here with our friends, John and Nina.

John and Jerry were at pilot training at Laughlin, and Nina and I were new spouses. You know, the ones we old ladies now love to hate.

Way back when, we went to Big Bend for a long weekend of sweating and fun. We stayed in a tent down by the river, over Memorial Day weekend, so we got plenty of opportunities to get very, very hot.

One afternoon we came up into the Chisos to cool off. I don't think it worked.

Nina and I posed for this picture in front of the "Window". We were very careful to suck in our stomachs and cover up any embarrassing tummies.

I remember thinking how I needed to lose a few pounds. Looking back, I didn't need to lose a thing. I was young, hot, and sexy.

And so was Nina.

So when we were looking at the "Window" on this recent trip, I got all nostalgic thinking about the past. I miss those casual days with no stress or worry. I miss my flat pre-baby tummy.

But mostly, I miss my friend.

Nina, you are so dear to me. We may not see each other as often as we like, but you will be my friend forever. And ever.

You are still young,hot, and sexy to me! And will always be!

Love you, girl!