Saturday, November 12, 2011

Other Peoples Vacation Photos

We all have our own personal emotional history that we carry around with us, applying like a seasoning to the current events of our lives.

For example, when I was young, I was on occasion subjected to hours of looking at other people's vacation slideshows. Remember the old fashioned slides? The hum of the projector, the dark, sleepy feel of the room, the droning on and on and on of the narrator as they told you all about some exotic trip you were not a part of and will probably never do for yourself?

Yes. You remember.

As this post is all about looking at my vacation photos, I will try not to bore you to death with details about this type of bush, the name of that mountain, or look at how cute Paige is. I will try and be a bit more clever about it.

Look son! See that vague outline of a mountain way over there? That one. Right there. RIGHT there. Over THERE. RIGHT THERE!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT? IT'S THE BIG THING STICKING UP IN THE SKY!!!!

Never mind. Get down and go play.

A road. A well-paved, winding, empty, curving road. We are in a Suburban. Our Porsche is at home. The speed limit is 45 mph. Drat!

Mountains like this go on forever out here. As do the dry, desert brush. Imagine taking a wagon ride across that mess. I'm glad to have been born after the invention of the horseless wagon.

Another curing, well-paved, winding, empty road. The speed limit is still 45 mph. But the Porsche has a radar detector worth it's weight in gold. Mein Auto ist schnell.

I think Josh would be content anywhere if there are plenty of rocks and maybe a mountain or cliff to throw the rocks off of. Someone built an mini Stonehenge up here. Josh dismantled it, one hurled rock after another.

There's me. A rare view. Jerry tried hard to take pictures of me during this trip. What you may not see in this picture: 1. I am sucking it in for all it's worth. My guts are somewhere located around my kidneys in this photo. 2. At this point, I think those yoga pants had fused to my legs. That's all I wear. Every day. All day. Except to church. Maybe.

Josh may not have seen the mountain in the distance but Phoebe did. Paige was diligently marking off assignments on her Junior Park Ranger program we got for her. She loves learning and doing and details and school. I know someone else who is like that. Someone oddly enough with yoga pants as legs.

Tomorrow you'll get to see for yourself what is over that next horizon, where the distant mountains separate into a narrow canyon. Where Mexico and America flirt and dance with each other as the flow of the river changes with the seasons.

The Santa Elena tour begins tomorrow...........