Friday, November 18, 2011

Chisos Mountains

In the middle of Big Bend National Park are the Chisos Mountains. It is the southernmost mountain range in the United States, and the only range contained completely within the boundaries of a national park.

The highest peak is Emory Peak at 7825' above sea level.

There is a beautiful, winding drive up into the mountain range where you can see beautiful peaks, desert plants as they give way to pinion pines, and maybe even a black bear.

I got out of the car to take this picture. You're welcome. Yet, somehow, it's still blurry.

I try. I try really hard to take nice photos for you. I blame my camera. Often.

Within the center of the Chisos is the Basin. There is a restaurant, visitor's guide, ranger station, a lodge, and a supplies store.

From here, you can hike many trails, eat some ice cream, and watch out for bear and mountain lions. We saw a bear but no cougars. I'm not too sad about that.

These mountains are so gorgeous even my Suburban looks good up here. Lookin' good, Silly Bus!

Here is a bronze statue in the middle of a sidewalk. Whatchoo lookin' at bird?

As we had already seen the Santa Elena canyon, potentially broken the law at the Rio Grande, and almost ran over a black bear, we decided on the easy hike to see the "Window".

Hello, road runner. You are skinny, fast, and probably taste like chicken. Josh is fast, but not fast enough to cast this Wil E. Coyote.

Here we are, we made it to the placard explaining to us what we are seeing in the distance. Hi, kids!

Here is the "Window" itself. It is a pass between two peaks that allows the viewer to see past the mountains beyond to the undulating park lands below. If only I had a nice camera....

But I did finally get Photoshop, so here is the "Window" in artistic style #3. Or something. Actually, I have no idea how I got the above photo to look like this, but whatever, I like it, it looks cool, and it is now the design of my business cards.

Photoshop is a complete mystery to me.

And behind me there is a pretty nice view, too. How ya doing, honey? I'm tired, too. Just one more photo, please.

One for my home-girl, Nina.