Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting to Big Bend

Last week we took our RV on a proper RV vacation. We normally use it for living somewhere in between Air Force assignments, but finally we managed to use the RV for a destination vacation.

We packed up the kids, dog, food, and blankets and headed west young man.

West to wilds of West Texas. Prairies, deserts, mountains, tumbleweeds, dust devils, rattlesnakes, and javelina.

We saw it all.

Our first day was mostly driving. Leaving Del Rio the landscape changed from flat Sonoran desert, to flat nothingness, then finally to low, flat mountain ranges. Not much can stand for long with relentless sun, heat, and wind.

There's nothing for miles. Nothing for tens of miles. Hundreds of miles. It was good we were pulling a portable toilet behind us.

There's a quaint little town called Marathon (pronounced mare-i-thin, not mare-i-thon) (I don't know why that's important.) It has a nice, little main street with restaurants, souvenir shops, and an old-fashioned adobe style hotel. There's history here. Lots of history. I just don't know it.

Then we drove south, due south for another length of nothingness. I kind of like nothingness. Maybe I enjoyed it because Phoebe was napping and the kids were watching a movie quietly.

Finally we reached our first destination: Big Bend National Park. The least visited national park in the entire country. Did I mention it's in the middle of nowhere? When you go there, you go there on purpose. Period.

There are not a lot of full hook-up RV sites within the park so we drove through the park to get to a small town west of the park called Lajitas. It's a fancy oasis of upper-middle-class vacation amenities surrounded by nothing but dirt and rocks and sand.

More on Lajitas tomorrow.

There's our RV in the background, in front of a gorgeously striated mountain, but behind the children. The RV campground in Lajitas was awesome, and this brick wall near our RV was the kids favorite part of the trip. Not really. But maybe.

This is NOT our RV. Wow. That's fancy RV-livin' right there. A million dollar bus pulling a gas-guzzling Hummer.

I could buy an island in the Bahamas for that price.

To each his own, right?

More non-judgemental tour of Texas to be continued.........