Sunday, November 20, 2011

Small Spaces

After a long day of touring Big Bend National Park, we were ready to go back to the RV and chill. Maybe go for a swim, have a glass of wine or three, and watch Jerry cook some dinner on our portable gas grill.

Oh, yes, ladies. Be jealous. Whenever we're RV-ing, or anywhere but home, Jerry cooks dinner. He is the champion of making something from nothing.

Something delicious from nothing.

Here's our RV. RV-ing is fun, usually, but being a portable vehicle means things can break. And often do.

Such as the key that opens the storage bin that holds our grill. It's hard to have a great grilled meal with no grill.

After finally getting one side open, Jerry discovered the grill had slid to the other side of the storage bin. To the side that we could not get open.

What to do?

Step 1: Find a small human willing to squeeze into tight-fitting places. Claustrophobics need not apply.

Step 2: Shove tiny person into the tight-fitting space. Gently. Have them hand to you whatever it is you need and can't reach.

Step 3: Remove tiny person from tight, enclosed space. Step 3, Josh. Get out, Josh. Seriously. GET OUT!

I'm starting to get claustrophobic just looking at him.

Thanks for the grill, tiny man. You da best.