Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun Anywhere

Yesterday I told you a little about Lajitas, a luxury resort and golf course located exactly in the middle of nowhere. Due west of Big Bend National Park. Due west of jack and well, you know.

But somehow, out of all of the RV places we've stayed, and we have been around I can tell you that, this RV park is one of my all-time favorites.

Why? The views. The open, flat spaces. The RV-use only bathrooms, community building, laundry facilities, and one heck of an awesome.....


You can be in the middle of absolutely nowhere, like here, and add a nice, clean, well-maintained pool and you've got yourself a class A vacation destination!

Hi, honey! Are you having fun? I like the mountain behind you. How's the freezing cold artesian* spring water? I wouldn't know. I'm on vacation and as such I try not to make myself miserable by swimming in freezing cold water. I'm enjoying watching you all play though.

*An artesian spring is an underground water source where the water is confined between two impermeable sediment layers, and when tapped, the water flows out of the well without the use of a pump. It is under enough pressure that it comes out without mechanical systems. Usually the water comes out straight through the well casings, and not through the ground at all, thereby decreasing the amount of contaminates with which the water comes in contact.

Nice hat, Jerry. Very nice.

This pool, though very much appreciated after a hot drive to nowhere, was a tad too cold. The kids lasted maybe 30 minutes and then turned purple and had to get out.

I only brought one towel to the pool. That's one drawback to RV-ing; not a lot of space so you have to limit what you can bring. Like only 6 towels.

But when you have a big sister with a maternal streak the size of the Milky Way, you don't have to worry about being mistreated or neglected.

Josh is lucky to have Paige. We all are. Except when it's your towel she stole.

True chronicling of the desert continues.......