Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sand Sledding

After scrambling around the sand dunes, Paige finally spied the perfect sledding hill, just steep enough for maximum safe velocity.

The kids got their sleds all primed and ready for the devastatingly fast slide down the hill.

I'm kind of scared, Mom. What if we can't stop before we reach the bottom?

Wow. You are going so fast! I can barely see you! You're just a blur!

Be quiet, Mom. Your sarcasm is not appreciated.

Maybe you'll go faster if you lean back in your sled and then Dad can give you a pull-start.

Oh. Well. That made no difference.

I'll guess we'll have to take you somewhere with snow so you can really go sledding.

Snow. EWWW.

Going to try again with Phoebe, Jerry? Yes, she is the lightest so maybe she can go faster.

She did go faster. Slightly. Picture your grandma going down the street in her Oldsmobile, looking between the steering wheel and the dash.

That's about how fast Phoebe went.

In other words, Josh could swim down faster.

At least he got to make a sand angel!