Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creepy Crawlies

Hello little darling! And what are you called? A cicada? A beetle?

Oh, you're dead and can't answer me. Sorry about that.

Hello you! And what are you called? You look like a giant cricket, maybe a locust? Oh, you're dead, too. So very, very sorry.

You're not dead though are you? You are lovely!

Look at the extension of your antennae! The other grasshoppers must be dead with jealousy!

Wait, you're not a grasshopper? What are you?

You have long jumpy legs but no wings. You're green but also red.

I don't know but you're lookin' good!

Oh, honey, you're not looking good. You were when I left you alone with the three kids as I raced back to the camper to get my camera.

I'm sorry Phoebe stomped on you. She does that. You had very pretty pink inner wings with defensive black pupil-like spots.

Not anymore.

Now you, I know what you are! You're a grasshopper! No, a cricket. I don't know.

Whatever you are you'd better get a move on, here comes Phoebe!!!!