Sunday, September 12, 2010


Phoebe, Thank GOD, still takes quite a long nap every afternoon. The two or three hours she's asleep allows me to catch up on housey things, write these posts, or paint. I love my baby but I also love my personal hours in the afternoon.

The second best part about Phoebe's nap is when she wakes up. Even though she's no longer in a crib and so is able to climb out of bed whenever she's awake, she doesn't just burst out of her door and join us out here in the living room.


Instead she lays in wait, staring at the world from under the closed door, waiting for us to come and notice her and make a fuss over the fact that she's awake.

When we hear her rustling around and not so subtly banging on the closed door, one of us will yell, "EYEBALL!" and then we'll all rush to her door, flop down on the floor and peek back at her from under the door.

Eyeball to eyeball.

Much squealing and fussing then is made and Phoebe the Baby is properly welcomed to the awake, welcomed to the party!