Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New First

No, not a first for Phoebe or one of the other kids; a first for me!

While making goody bags for Josh's in class birthday party tomorrow, Paige wanted to show me a new flavor of lollipop in the jumbo bag of Dum Dum's I bought.

"Look Mom! Savanna blueberry!", she exclaimed while holding the lollipop up to my face for me to see.

"Honey, move it back. I can't see it when you hold it that close!"

Uh oh.

I AM getting old! Old enough that already my arms are getting too short for my vision!

Add that to the joint aches and pains, wrinkles, loose skin all over my body, liver spots on my face, and general grumpiness, I might as well start stocking up on Depends and Ensure.

I blame the children. My life was so carefree and easy before having one, two, three stress-inducing balls of energy-stealing cretins.

The jokes on them, though. When I'm prematurely old, guess who's gonna have to take care of me? Ha ha!!!

"Paige honey? I'm old so I'm moving in with you!!!!!"

"Ahhhh, Mommmmmmmm!"