Sunday, September 5, 2010

Despicable Me

Not only do I write blogs, I also like to read them. I have my favorites that I read on a regular basis, but I also like to Blogger surf* when I have an extra two seconds to spare.

*To surf Blogger, all you have to do is click on the link at the top of my blog that says NEXT BLOG. That nifty little link will send you to random blogs that usually are of the same subject** of the blog you are currently reading.

**Not always though. Once I surfed from my Parent Trapped website which was a mom-going-crazy kind of blog and Blogger only directed me to other blogs all written in Arabic. Um. Not sure how that happened!


I have noticed a startling trend on some of the other random blogs I've read. Some of my fellow bloggers it seems have been reduced to passive aggressive begging of their readers. What they do is talk ad nauseum about something they like, something they have to have, something they can't afford.

Ahh, there's the key. Something they can't afford but are hoping one of their readers will send to them for free. Sometimes is small things like a book or music, other times it's a bit more.

I think this practice of luring readers to send the blogger free items is just deplorable.

I mean, only real low-lifes would dream of doing such a thing.

I can't imagine asking my readers to pay for this Porsche Cayman for me. Sure I would love to have this car. It's gorgeous, perfect for the track, and reasonably priced at only $61,000. True Jerry has a fun weekend car while I'm stuck driving a stinky, old, falling apart Suburban after he's sold both of my favorite Acura's from underneath me.

But asking for this car would be wrong.

It would be wrong to hint to my readers that I would be almost equally as happy with these impractical heels. I have nowhere to wear them, the heels are too high, and I'm sure they would hurt my feet.

Even though my calves and legs would look terrific in these shoes and I would guarantee them a good night out if I were ever to receive these heels, it would be horrible for me to put pressure on my readers to supply them for my personal enjoyment.If my readers can't afford a Porsche or a fancy pair of heels for me, it would be too much for me to ask them to buy me a pack of gum.

It would be wrong to have to ask my readers to supply me with a healthy mouth, fresh breath, and a whiter smile.

I would never, ever, ever resort to such low level tactics.

I'm too good for that.