Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

In the middle of the San Antonio zoo is this gorgeous, only slightly stinky pond. Since there were picnic tables on one side, plenty of shade, and bathrooms across the way, we decided to eat lunch near the only a little bit smelly water.

Josh asked if we could feed the ducks that were scattered in pockets here and there around the pond.

I know the usual zoo rule is not to feed the animals so I was the party pooper and said, "No."

So we sat down to feed ourselves, rustling open our chips and sandwich bags.

If you know anything about ducks, those sounds are akin to ringing the dinner bell and yelling "Dinner!"

Oh, hey, look kids! A pelican! How beautiful!

Oh, my! Lots of pelicans!

Oh, no! Too many pelicans!

Ducks! Ducks? Where are all of the dang ducks?

"Mommy, can we feed the pelicans?"

No, no, absolutely NOT.