Friday, September 24, 2010


Paige is six. Six year old girls are really very silly.

Paige: What do you call a snake that likes to bowl?

Me: What?

Paige: A bowling constrictor!

Sometimes when I've forgotten something, like where I set my keys, what I was about to do, how to breath, Paige will get all know-it-all-y and get on my case about how forgetful I am.

Last night while I stood perfectly still, remote in hand, and proceeded to forget what the heck I was about to do, Paige fixed it all for me by hopping up and down and shouting:

"MOM!!! You have GOT to learn your rememories!!"

Yeah. Right.

Easy for you to say!

Josh is goofy, too.

When he fell the other day, he started hollering and crying, doing a toned-down wolf howl cry. When he finally remembered to breath, he yelled, "MOM!!! I fell and hurt my fibula!"

To the rest of us, he fell and hurt his shin bone.

While cloud gazing the other day, which is a great sport around here what with all of the puffy fat clouds scooting by all of the time, we were having fun telling each other what we could see in the clouds.

Me: Look, Josh. I can see a seahorse. There's it's tail, long nose, and fins.

Josh: Oh, yeah! I can see it! But look over there! I can see a parasaurolophus!

To the rest of us, a crested, duck-billed quadraped dinosaur.

Right-e-o smartypants!