Thursday, September 16, 2010


In case you haven't been reading all of my posts, which I don't blame you for as I can get pretty darn boring at times, you may have missed the fact that we are not really living in the desert anymore.

About two of the longest weeks of my life ago, we moved temporarily to San Antonio. If you've never been here then get that picture out of your head what you think San Antonio looks like. It ain't no desert. It's part of Texas Hill Country and as so it is very hilly and quite green with only a tad of desert thrown in. In a word, it's gorgeous.

But then again, it is not the desert and here we are living in the middle of the Suburbans, AGAIN, without a single cactus or scorpion in sight.

Then why are we here?

So my husband can learn to fly this plane, the T-38. Well, he already knows how to fly it as he trained in it millions of years ago when we first lived in Del Rio, but he's here training to be an instructor of this plane.

Both at Laughlin Air Force Base and here at Randolph AFB, you can see and hear these jets streak down the flight line, go zooming overhead, and blast of into the horizon, afterburners glowing bright.

It's very Top Gun, but without the pesky Navy or extraordinary amount of sexy men playing bare-chested beach volleyball.

One day, a week or so before leaving Laughlin to come to San Antonio, Jerry told me a funny story. As he was walking from his car heading toward his office that sits right next to the runway on base, he watched a group of four T-38's taking off in formation.

He told me that for the first time ever, he was jealous of himself.

"I get to fly that plane, EVERYDAY. I get to pull G's, fly low, break the sound barrier, do flips and loops, and scare the heck out of my student pilot EVERYDAY. I have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!"

Yes, yes you do!

(It's about time you noticed you lucky duck!)

But that's Jerry. Living life day by day, focusing on the now but ready for the future. Always ready to embrace an unexpected windfall of good fortune.

One wheel flying through the air, the other firmly on the ground.

And loving every single second.