Friday, September 17, 2010


Last weekend we went to the San Antonio Zoo. It is a surprising gem of animal wonderful-ness, tucked away in the middle of the city. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice it is, how many awesome animals there were, and how comfortable the layout is.

Is there anything worse than having to look at someone else's pictures from the zoo? Let's see:

The zoo is just one of those places that you have to experience for yourself. Looking at someone else's photos is OK, like a root canal is OK, but as a blogger it's kind of my job to bore you with our individual experiences.

Like this photo, it's nice and all, you can see the kids and maybe say, "Ahh. They're so cute!" But other than that this photo will mean nothing to you.

One thing that is worse than looking at random zoo photos is when your parents make you give to the zoo all of your allowance money when you're stupid enough to throw your trash in the tiger moat.

You do the crime, you do the time! (JOSH.)

This is REALLY much worse than looking at other people's photos. The smell of these flamingos! 50 birds + 500 sq. ft. = Peeeeeee Uuuuuuuuuuuu!

Not minding the photos so much now are you?

Wait until you see what else is at our cool zoo!