Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Night #1

Halloween Weekend: Night One

Being that I am the Activities Director, Halloween was on a weekend, and I love Halloween, we were going to make a fuss this year in our Halloween festivities.

First up, Friday night, our apartment managers were hosting a Halloween party for the kiddies up at the clubhouse. (We have all pretty, kind, and female apartment managers so we didn't have to worry about Mr. Creepy Von Creeperson hanging around.)

The kids had choices for costumes this year, thanks to Gaga and Aunt Mimi giving them, us, hand-me-over costumes from Aunt Mimi's dancing days of youth.

For this occasion, Paige decided to go with her angel costume, Josh went with his Old Navy skeleton costume, and Phoebe wore an old leotard.

Because I'm wordy, geeky, and prone to imagery, I said they were "Angel, Death, and The Heavens."

Yeah. I know.

After getting dressed in their costumes, we walked up to the apartment clubhouse. Look, quickly! There's a Perfect Margarita in that glass! The glass that would later be shattered all over the clubhouse kitchen floor! (Not my doing! And it was supposed to be shatter-proof!

I miss my cup.)

Let me just say, we are a house of WINNERS!!!!

Winners I tell ya!

Josh won first place in the game "Stick the Mole on the Witch", Paige, Phoebe, and I won second place in the Mummy wrap game (toilet papering each other), and Jerry won second place in Guess How Many Candy Corns Are in the Jar?

We racked up!!!

While waiting to play "Don't Drop the Eyeball", Phoebe looked stunning in her sky costume...

...while Paige looked scared. (See her hands in/around her mouth? Classic Paige nervous behavior).

The hand-holding was so sweet Jerry had to take a picture of it! I neglected to tell him that Paige took Phoebe's hand because Paige was scared.

She's my scaredy cat!

After an hour or so of pure unadulterated We Rock and You Suck winning at the party, Phoebe was starting to get tired. To keep her happy we played the "Where is your....?" game.

She got nose, ears, head, etc., but things got dicey when I asked where her belly button was.

Woah! Phoebe!!

It's not that kind of party!

Time to grab out loot and scoot!