Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run for Stuff

A while ago I read an article about an eight year old girl who won a really difficult trail race that challenges even the best trained adults. The race was an uphill six-miler on a single track up the side of a mountain.

Did I mention she was 8?

This got me thinking that Paige, my seven year old, could no more run 6 miles than grow an extra leg or invest cold fusion.

But maybe she could. Maybe......

So I came up with a plan. There is a park near the kids school that has a wide sidewalk where we take the kids bike riding. Around the perimeter of the park is another narrow sidewalk that is 0.8 miles long.

When I asked Paige if she would like to learn how to run a mile she obviously said no.

So I bribed her. Like any good mother.

I made her this deal: If you can run the perimeter sidewalk ALL BY HERSELF without walking at all I would buy her a movie, any movie she wanted, so she could go home and be lazy on the couch.

She quickly grabbed at the bribe because my kids are "stuff" hungry. Anything to get a present!

The first time she practiced the run she did pretty well but had to rest a few times. While in NC for our 2 week stay, she practiced running around my mom's house 38 times in a row.

When we got back from NC she told me she was ready to give it a try.

Here she is, almost all the way around. She had not walked one bit, was not complaining, and seemed in good spirits!

There she goes! On her way to victory! (And the movie Planet 51.)

Good job, Paige! I knew you could do it, and do it easily!

Josh had gotten wind of Paige's and my deal and since he A. Loves to get new stuff, B. Doesn't like to be left out, and C. Hates it when the girls get something and he doesn't, decided he wanted to run the sidewalk for a movie, too.

Jerry decided to go with him for moral, and safety, support.

Here they come! One lap around and the boy was still raring to go!

No practice, no build up, just fast feet and a love of stuff.

Good for you, boy!

(The little turd is turning out to be like his father; annoyingly good at everything. I mean, good for him!)

They have since gotten their movies as promised by the bribe. When I ask if they would like to run it again, this time for fun and not a movie you can guess the response:

"Run? For nothing? NO WAY!!!"