Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jerry Should Have Been a Marine

Continuing the tour of Our Out Inland in a non-boring fashion, I bring you:

"Our Bahamas: Part 2:

Jerry Should Have Been a Marine"

In case you didn't know, Marines are known for their holes. These men and women are taught from day one how to dig a good hole. Holes for hiding, holes for pooping, holes, holes, holes.

While in The Bahamas, Jerry must have been tapping his latent Marine spirit as he dug holes in every beach we went to. No beach trip was complete without a nice, big hole.

Sometimes the holes morphed into sculptures as evidenced by this mountain man that spewed sea water with each rush of surf.

But most of the holes were simple and straightforward. Simply straight down. And DEEP!

Here's a live action shot of Jerry quickly digging a giant hole. (I did not clean it up because on this day the kids were going neckers.)

One thing you should know about beaches is that voices carry forever across the water and sand. As Paige, Phoebe and I came back from a walk along Ben Bay beach, I heard Jerry telling Josh, "Hurry! I'm going to dig this hole really deep so we can hide in it and scare the girls!"

As we approached the hole we could hear snickers, laughter, and snorts.

Let me tell you, they were so NOT sneaky!

(Look at Josh's face. He's having the absolute time of his life!)

Oh, look girls! THERE they are!

You boys are so sneaky! (NOT!)

Yes, honey, you ARE the man!

Nice hole, by the way.

Oh, no! Not you, too Wag!!!

From this trip I learned that Jerry would have made a great Marine.

Or, a Jack Russell terrier.