Sunday, November 14, 2010

Football Lesson

Did you know guilt trips can work on your men if used appropriately? For example, when I complained to Jerry that his son throws like a girl and Paige and Phoebe don't even know what a ball is, Jerry suddenly realized maybe it was time to take "sports training" out of my willing hands and into his own freakishly large ones.

That same afternoon, Jerry took the kids to "the ditch", also known as "the hole", to start Dad's Sports Camp for Kids.

Day One: Football! (Using a red super-high bouncy ball.)

The game was three against one. Someone would throw the ball up in the air and everyone had to chase it down. But lookout to whoever got to it first! There is no "touch" football in Dad's Sports Camp, we are a full-contact family!

First up: Josh!

Run, Mookie, Run!!

Uh, oh. Good try, Josh! Nice take down Jerry!

Belly, move.

Next up: Jerry.

Go Phoebe! Get in the game, girl!

YES!! You've got him!

Now bring him down!!




Nice pin, Phoebe!

Next turn: Paige.

This aughta be interesting.

Belly, MOVE!

Run, Bird, Run!

You're gonna have to run faster than that!

Oh, no, this is NOT going to be pretty!

BOOM!!!! Jerry: 1 Paige: 0

Poor Paige took her tackle hard. No, she wasn't injured but her "feelings were hurt". I guess she didn't get the memo that there's no crying in football!

Good football practice, all!

Next lesson: Good sportsmanship!