Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jerry's Lorikeet Experience

Just when we thought we'd seen it all at the zoo, we stumbled across another hands on, children friendly exhibit: The Lorikeet Experience!

(We are usually bird-haters. Not that we really hate birds but we're like typical families that enjoy the big five; lions, elephants, giraffes, zebra, and rhinos at the zoo. In our extensive zoo experience if you've seen one aviary you've seen them all!)

Lorikeets are like hummingbirds in that they drink nectar from flowers with their long protruding tongues and help pollinate the flowers they feed from.

Just outside the entrance doors to the exhibit is a concession stand that we've noticed is always very crowded. We thought it must have great hot dogs or something!

But once inside the Lory house we saw signs for nectar; only $1.25 at the concession stand.

Oh, that explains it!

Once you have your little cup of nectar, the lories will drink it right out of you hand. They have no fear. They have no manners. They do have pecking orders and will fight each other for the freshest cup of nectar, no matter how many times Jerry tries to feed the meekest bird.

Jerry held Phoebe so I could take pictures of the loud, messy mayhem.

OK. This is boring.

Let's play a game!!!!!

I'll post a picture and you have to choose the correct caption!



1. What is Jerry thinking?

A. This bird is so pretty!
B. Phoebe better be having a good time, this thing is messy!
C. I could be flying, I could be playing on the Internet, I could be napping!
D. If this bird poops on my back I'm gonna be pissed!

2. What is Jerry saying to me?

A. If that bird gets any closer to my face I'm gonna pimp slap it.
B. Phoebe is heavy.
C. Whose idea was this?
D. If this bird poops down my back I'm gonna be really pissed!

3. What is Jerry afraid of?

A. The bird pecking his face.
B. Spiders
C. Phoebe getting pecked by the bird.
D. This bird crapping on his new shirt.

4. Now what is he thinking?

A. Great. Another bird.
B. If you don't put that camera away and get this bird off of me I'm going to poop down your back!
C. The things we do for love....
D. Seriously, if this bird poops on me I'm going to go ballistic!

5. Now what?

A. How much more nectar can this bird drink?
B. Why did I buy so many cups of nectar?
C. Lord give me strength!
D. Oh, forget it. Just poop on me already!

If you answered "D" you are correct! Give yourselves a gold star!

We had fun in the lorikeet house, getting scared by low-flying birds with personal space issues, feeding birds with aggressive tendencies too much nectar, and watching the kids crack up when the dude in front of us got a huge turd right on his head!

In case you're wondering, Jerry did not get pooped on. This time.

But we'll be back to feed the lories so they can try, try, try again!