Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Spotlight Marriage

OK, everybody, it's official! The Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton are engaged! It was all over CNN yesterday: A Royal Engagement! wherein they showed the same five image still of the couple over and over and over and over for hour after hour after hour after hour. Meanwhile FoxNews was busy reporting totally unimportant things related to our economy, the political climate in the new Republican House, and international affairs.

Don't you hate it when they interrupt People Watch to report something as mundane as the war in Afghanistan? Jeez!

I'm not really a People Watcher myself, but I do enjoy the occasional fluff piece about sensationally famous people like Prince William and his butt-kicking brother Harry. So a few years ago when this "Kate" woman started appearing on magazine covers alongside Prince William I knew she would add much to the rumor mill of the rich and famous.

And indeed she has. When rumors started up about their engagement I couldn't help but feel that this woman has some ginormously huge, and Royally elegant shoes to fill. Not only was Princess Diana the sweetheart of England and practically a social martyr, but Diana of course is also William's mother. Now THAT is a tough mother-in-law to live up to!

Now let's put aside all of these boring details and discuss something more important.

Do you think Kate ever stops in her tracks, scrunched up her face into a dreamy contorted smile, grips her hands into tight fists, squeals at the top of her voice and yells, "OMG!!!! I'm going to be A PRINCESS!!! ME!!!! And maybe one day, THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!!!"

Do you think it dawns on her regularly that she may one day be the new sweetheart of one of the world's most influential countries?

Do you think she's working with a trainer pulling a weighted sled in heels so she will be strong enough, yet refined and graceful, to pull her 50' long wedding dress train down the aisle of Westminster?

Does she ever get tired of always looking so pretty?

Can I borrow one of her hats?

Now that's a fad that should make a comeback in the US! Big hats with feathers, stuffed birds, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter!

In the same way, do you think Katie Holmes ever rolls over in bed to say good morning to Tom only to scream in his face, "OMG!!! I'M MARRIED TO MAVERICK!!!!"

Or does Ashton Kutcher think to himself in the heat of the night, "OMG!!! I'm doing the hot chick from GHOST!!!"

It just goes to show that life is anything but predicable!