Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IKEA Christmas

Now that Paige's birthday is passed us, Grandma has her eyes set on Christmas gift giving.

When she asked what the kids wanted for Christmas I implored her, "Please, PLEASE, please, no more toys! They have tons of toys! Oodles! More than you can imagine!

How about a nice gift card to IKEA? What kid wouldn't love a good IKEA gift card in lieu of gifts?"

I don't think she's convinced.

Well, here you go, Mom. A pictorial documentation of the toys the kids have:

A few things to point out:

1. These are only the stuffed toys they have, not including all of their other types of toys.

2. These are only the stuffed toys they have in the apartment, not including a few thousand more in storage.

3. Most of these stuffed animals were purchased between the time we first moved away from Houston up until now.

4. I have bought them exactly THREE of these toys. The rest were either gifts or bought with their not-at-all-earned weekly allowance.

5. They play with most of these animals, if not on a daily basis, at least weekly.

6. Here are some toys that runneth over onto the floor. Including some non-stuffed toys.

7. Did I mention we are moving into a house 600 sq. ft. smaller than our previous one which was already too full of stuff?

8. Do you know how much I, I mean the kids, love IKEA?

Thanks in advance for the gift cards!