Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to Improve Your Marriage

I'll start by saying I never thought I'd blog about my bed. I mean, really. There are some things that should just be left off of the public blog-o-sphere.

But there is a story here, something that changed my life completely that I must, must, MUST share with you my 24 daily readers.

Don't be gross. It's not anything like that!

Do you have a blanket thief in your bed? Is it you? Your spouse? Do you find yourself frozen half to death with zero covers while your mate is all warm and snug in double-covers heaven? Do you find your mate beating you with pillows because once again you stole all of their covers in the middle of the night?

We had that problem, too. For 13 years Jerry stole the covers at night. Every time he rolled toward the outside of the bed, he took the covers with him. And every time he took the covers with him he took them from me. And every time he took the covers from me, he woke me up.

It was getting old.

Then one morning, oh, about 2 am, while I was laying there trying to fall back to sleep while planning his demise, I came up with a brilliant solution. Long story short:

If you have a bedcovers stealer, get two twin flat sheets and two twin blankets. Overlap them slightly, and VIOLA! No more covers to steal!

Now when he rolls over and takes all of the covers, I'm still all warm and cozy in my blanket while his bottom gets frozen. When he tosses and turns, I can lay quietly and snug.

When he gets up and goes to work he can leave his half of the bed in shambles. When I get up I can make mine look all pretty.

It's like twin beds but together! (Oh, and get a foam mattress so you can't feel your mate toss and turn and roll around. So, awesome!)

Happy sleeping!