Sunday, August 21, 2011

And Old Girl Gets An Overhaul

There was something weird going on here the other day. For some reason, my side walk was being invaded by light tan Suburban captains chairs.

What is going on? What did the car do to you Jerry that you would gut her like this? I know she's almost 10 years old and often smells like feet, but she's been a good car, a faithful servant despite years of baby puke, doggie diarrhea, and spilled milk!

What's that? She's getting a face life?


Sometimes a girl just needs a good make-over. A sloughing off of the old and dirty to reveal the young and wonderful beneath!

Here today........gone tomorrow! Honey, you're looking a bit bare in the back. All the junk in your trunk is hanging out.

Have you ever seen under the carpets of a 10 year old Suburban that smells like feet? I'll tell ya, it ain't pretty. I'll spare you some of the photos I took of the detritus under those seats. But just to name a few there were coins, french fries from 2003, pounds of dog hair, and mix-matched pieces of dead bugs. Yummy!

But after it was all shed and replaced, the Suburban was looking good with her new do. Now she has a fresh, clean set of carpets that do not yet smell like feet.

She must be so happy.

She's gonna look super fresh after she gets her black and white hibiscus headliner!

When we're ready to move to The Bahamas she'll be good to go.....

...with only three years worth of dried french fries, bug carcasses, coins, and feet smell.