Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Under the Sea

As much as I like to complain about my photography, and yes there is a LOT to take issue with, for some reason I still love to take pictures. True I'm still using a basic point and shoot as I'm boycotting those huge, hulking cameras and huge, hulking camera bags.

But they do take nice photographs, don't they?

There is another type of camera I am NOT boycotting. An underwater camera, to be exact. There is 2/3rds of a whole world down below and I want to blog it!

These photos were taken by my sister-in-law or me using one of those disposable deals you have to take in to be developed. Remember those? When you had to take your film rolls to the store? Ah, those were the days. (The pain in the butt, use too many rolls, waste your money days!)

I love these photos. I love the perspective, the angle of life you get. It's not another "Say Honey!" photo of which I have 798326.

Josh, floating by in his tube. I wonder why he wasn't wearing his Speedo?

Paige trying to get a head start on her cousin. No running underwater!

There's her cousin bringing up the rear, eating her sand. No hand running in the water!

That's a sea cucumber down there in the sand. To be precise, a donkey dung sea cucumber. Nice name, huh? (It's better than the other name the kids heard me use once (which stuck in their minds like glue): Sea penis. Well! I'm sorry, but it's shaped like one, kind of, um, you know, shaped like one, it has a hole on the end that will even pee on you if you aren't careful!

I am SO sorry.)

(But it's so TRUE!!!)

There I am holding a sea urchin. We sat and watched a sea urchin grab small rocks, one after the other, and move them over itself until it was completely covered and camouflaged.

Oh, man! There I am making that silly super-girl pose again?!! What in the world should I do with my arms, anyway?

I love this shot. I love the texture of the sand, the angle of the starfish, the faint hint of colors, the light and shadows.

It's a "whole new world" "under the sea". Come, let's explore!