Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Nature Names Painting

This is a new offering I have for you nature name fans. In the past I have offered names with more realistic animal depictions and block lettering. For a friend's baby shower, I decided to paint for her new baby an updated version of the nature names thing I have done in the past.

I found some stock images from the internet and some cool script for new baby Ryan and drew and painted them in watercolors. He got googly eyed "R" for rhino, "Y" for yak, "A" for armadillo, and "N" for newt. I will add that "n" and "y" are pretty hard to find "cool" animals for. Luckily I found things that somehow looked cute even though they are a yak and newt.

Whatcha think? You can go to my art site,, and click on the "Nature Names" link at the top to see some of my previous work. I happen to like this stylized version better.

I am now officially taking orders for this type of nature name. $15 for each letter, with a discount for over 6 letters. Let me know if you're interested.

Have a good one!