Sunday, August 28, 2011

Party at the Med Clinic!

A few weeks ago, the base medical clinic held a family event for all base personnel to enjoy. Inside the clinic there were 40 or so booths with information about germs, drugs, fingerprints, dental health, etc, etc. Each booth offered freebies to the kids like cups, lollipops, notebooks, and stickers.

It was like a kind of weird, yet healthy, Christmas in August!

Outside, there were a lot of other physical activities to enjoy.

Here are a few of them:

1. Tossing games, like this weird game that has been popping up all over the place. Who came up with this? PVC pipes and golf balls glued onto rope? Strange and kind of not fun.

2. A dunking booth. The dudes that volunteered for this activity were the smart ones. It was 105∘ that day, and while we walked around sweating, they fell repeatedly into nice, cool water.

Unless Paige was trying to knock them in. She's good at many things, but aiming where she's throwing isn't one of them.

Go ahead, honey! Keep trying! You've missed 44848 times, but the 44849th time is the charm!

Eventually she did manage to get the guy in the water. But I can neither confirm nor deny that someone sneaked around behind the curtain and pushed the button.

I will go to my grave with the truth.

Josh had a turn at the dunking booth, too. Or more likely 73647 turns. Here he is having just dunked the poor schmuck for the 73654 time. He never missed the target.


(Hello baseball scholarship!)

3. Food. Obviously this is not a sport, unless you call power eating a sport. Which I guess it is. So yes, this is power eating. Turkey dogs, whole wheat buns, 100% juice, and raisins. Oh, so healthy!

4. Then there was this human bumper car game. I had a bad feeling about this.....

...that somehow this was not going to turn out well......

....ah, yes. Josh 0. Phoebe 0. Paige 2. Paige might not be able to aim a ball, but she's got legs like a linebacker and can smash her way through a brick wall.

Phoebe and Josh never stood a chance.

5. There were some pop-up tents and crawling tubes. Josh liked these. But where is Phoebe? Oh, yes. Playing with the weird golf-balls-on-a-string game. That poor guy back there. He babysat Phoebe for an hour for free helping her with that game. I think she liked him! (Or his balls.) (Eww. Sorry.)

6. There was also a train ride featuring painted 50 gallon drums hooked to a "party train" lawn mower.

Paige insisted on riding with Phoebe though there were five empty drums.

And Josh insisted on riding in the very back all by himself. He's a bit of a loner.

And a dreamer.

And me? I'm wrinkly. Go ahead. Zoom in for a nice shot of my crows feet. Hello, Botox!

Overall we had a really unexpectedly fun time. We learned a bit about stranger danger and pills are not candy, we ate some seriously decent hot dogs, and we played some fun and strange games.

Thank you base clinic! We'll make sure and come see you for all of our medical needs! (Oh, yeah, we have to come see you for all of our medical needs as we are bound by the tight ropes of Tricare that dictate our every medical move.) In that case, thanks for the free stuff you didn't have to provide as we will come see you anyway!

We had a blast! (Like a furnace blast, and we all almost died of hyperthermia at a medical clinic, but whatever!)

See you next appointment! (If we can get an appointment! And then wait for an hour!)