Friday, August 19, 2011

Otis the Dog of Love

Just a few hours ago our house became decidedly more lonely. And less hairy. A few hours ago, Otis went home.

This is Otis. Say hello! (Watch out! He may try and lick you through the internet!)

Otis is my friends dog. He is one-half of a doggie sitting co-op. We get Otis, they take Belly. We get Otis, they take Belly. They take Belly, they take Belly, they take Belly. I'm afraid they get used more in this deal than we do.

Otis is a lab. A retriever. I have Great Danes. Labs sniff and chase things. Danes sleep. Labs shed and lick. Danes lay there. Labs follow you around the house endlessly showering you with love, devotion, spit, and fur. Some Danes also follow you around the house sharing some of those same things. I miss Moo Moo.

He's the kind of dog that hops up in excitement if you so much as lean forward in your chair. "Hey! Where ya going? Gettin' up? Can I come? Will you scratch my butt? Can I have some food? Can we go for a walk? No? OK. Maybe next time."

There is ZERO alone time when you have a lab in the house.

Yep, you found me Otis! Good hunting! Now shut the door! Can't a girl get some privacy?

Here I am again! Too tired to stare at me right now? I'll let you know when I'm on the move.

Hi, Otis. Yes I see you. You are beautiful. I like you. You may stay at my house anytime.

Where is Belly? Here she is in her preferred spot baking herself to death in our hot, hot weather. She doesn't follow me around. She hardly notices anyone even shares a house with her. I like her too, though. She can stay in my house anytime.

Carl? What in the world are you doing here? You're a dufus. But you can come over, too. A house full of dogs is a house full of love.

And hair.