Friday, August 26, 2011

Stupid Air Force Sign #2

Danger! Look out! Warning! Beware! Achtung! Careful! Keep Away!

There's an explosive dog! Watch out! The dog may explode at any moment!

I wonder what they are training the exploding dog to do? Act as a roadside bomb?

Yes, I understand what the sign means, but really, the syntax is all wrong!

It should say "Explosives Dog - Training in Progress - Keep Out!"

And what's with the " parentheses around the words "keep out"? I mean, in an oral conversation where you were warning someone to keep out, would you ever use "air" parentheses? What are you quoting? Who are you quoting?

But whatever the case, I'll make sure and "keep out" in case the explosive dog comes around. I don't think I want to see that.