Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hummingbirds and Children

Top Ten Reasons Why Children are Like Hummingbirds

10. They come in all different sizes and colors.

9. They travel in packs, preferring their own particular clique.

8. The have two speeds: 1000 mph, or STOP.

7. The more sweets you give them, the more they want.

6. They like to stick out their tongues.

5. When they're around there is always this buzzing, chattering noise in the air.

4. They are beautiful to look at, until they get all up in your face. And then they're kind of scary. Who knows what they're going to poke you with!

3. Before you have them you can't wait to get them. And then you want some more. And then one day, suddenly, you have more than you can handle.

2. They spend so much energy fighting over space and possessions when there is plenty to go around.

And the number one reason why Children are Like Hummingbirds:

1. The backyard would be boring and dull without them all flitting around here and there going a million miles an hour, fighting over nothing, and buzzing in your ear.

Then there's THIS! Did you know woodpeckers have long, probing tongues like hummingbirds with which they use to drink?

This is a red-bellied woodpecker who likes to occasion our hummingbird feeder.

Or else we really should cut down on the sugar we're using in our hummingbird food. This guy should really switch to diet!