Friday, August 5, 2011

Popcorn Bag Review

I am a sucker for advertising, I admit. I tend to fall for new gimmicky gimmicks. Like the new Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn bag. Not only do you get to pop corn in the microwave, but then the bag converts into a bowl from which you can eat the popcorn!

Sounds great right? I thought so, too. One less bowl to wash! Anything that decreases the amount of dishes I have to wash MUST be a good thing!

The popcorn was tasty, yet the kids seem to think the Diet Coke I gave them would taste better on the popcorn instead of drinking it after the popcorn.

My kids are gross. And so is popcorn dipped in Diet Coke. Not that I tried it. Twice.

As for the popcorn bowl/bag gimmick, I won't be doing that again. The bowl/bag is nice and wide, but even so, by the time you get to the kernels at the bottom, the back of your hand and fingertips are covered in the melted butter/salt that sticks to the sides and bottom of the bowl/bag. Not only do you have buttery fingers, but after the kids walk off and rub their hands all over their clothes, the furniture, and the dog, you also have one giant butter mess!

Too bad, really. But what seems like a good idea can sometimes turn into a big, bag disaster.

Live, learn, and wipe.