Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Messy Children Expansion

I'm pretty uptight about the kids making a mess in the community areas, like the living room and kitchen table. Yes. You're right. I'm just uptight.

As such, the kids are pretty good about containing their messes, I mean toys, to their rooms. So when suddenly they are spreading their Zue Zue Pet Hampster Hangout, the restaurant to their Zue Zue Pet Hamster Hotel, all over my kitchen table, I get suspicious.

Yes. It is as I thought. They have already destroyed one room leaving no more room to play.

And yes, there is the other room destroyed for playing. I guess one of my rooms was the only choice left.

Oh, contraire mon frere! Suddenly they had to take a Hamster Hotel Hangout hiatus and clean their rooms. Again. In one morning. For the fifth time.

Which begs the question. Are all children messy like this? Do your children, if you have any, completely destroy their rooms in 2.4 seconds and then walk away like nothing happened?

What to do?!!!